Closet Of Hope – Free Clothing Store

Hi Friends! Donations will be accepted on
WEDNESDAYS ONLY starting October 7 from 4:30 – 6:30 pm.
Once COVID-19 is over we will go back to our regular donation dates and times.
Check back frequently for more information. Thanks so much for your support of this ministry!

Mission Statement: “In the spirit of God’s love, we seek to care for others in a non-judgmental environment by providing clean, gently used clothing to people in need in our community.”

The Closet of Hope is a free clothing store that is available for anyone in need who live in Bloomington and Richfield (ID required, birth certificates for children). Our shelves and racks are filled with clothing for all ages, footwear, coats, bedding and towels. Our visitors will be allowed to take 15 items of clothing.  If an adult comes in with 2 kids, the family can take 45 items.

Leviticus 25:35- “Suppose one of your own people becomes poor.  And suppose he cannot take care of himself.  Then help him just as you would an outsider or someone who is living among you for a while.  In that way, the man who is poor can continue to live among you.”