Welcome to Bloomington Covenant Church

We are in a sabbatical season at Bloomington Covenant Church.
The theme is based on the passage above, affirming that the “stones” in Joshua 4
really represent stories to be told about God’s presence, provision and grace.

While our Lead Pastor is away on a sabbatical, we’ll have an array of gifted Guest Preachers speaking about stories anchored in scripture and fleshed out in life.

Stories of understanding who we are as loved by God.
Stories of others that grow our capacity for grace within ourselves toward them.
Stories of grace and growth in areas of justice, racial strain, incarceration and “otherness”.
Stories of Christ’s grace in our own lives and others’ lives,
changing how we see life & each other.

Worship is at 10am

Know that you are very welcome here.
You can simply come as you are!